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Zayn has been projecting kisses to every place on your body but your mouth. Maybe it’s to piss you off, or simply just to tease you, but your lips burn for his affection and he’s too busy nipping at your neck to realize that your moans have turned into whimpers and you just want him to lift his chin to be able to kiss you right where you want him to; so you can taste the peppermint on his breath and slide your tongue along his. 

"Zayn," you breathe, nudging your hips up towards his hand so you can get his attention. "Zayn, please, please kiss me, please, please, please." 

Like fire, Zayn’s mouth burns against your skin, dragging his teeth from your collarbone up to the center of your throat. With every patch of skin he breathes into it, his hand trails him in his wake, gliding up to the wetness of his kisses so he can wrap a hand loosely around the base of your neck, brushing tendrils of your hair away. 

"Zayn," you say again, but this time it’s mimicking a whine, and his hands push your body further into the mattress and give you little resistance this time around. 

"You have to tell me," he whispers against your skin, his lips brushing against the back of your ear. "You have to tell me when you want me to kiss you. I want to hear it." 

Teasing you like this — it eggs him on like a drug would. He likes to hear you say it, to beg, until these little tears of frustration and lust collect at the ends of your eyelashes and he has to let you cum. 

You rasp out, “Please kiss my mouth. I want you to kiss my mouth, and, and my stomach, and my thighs, and I want you to kiss my fingers like you do and I want… I want you….”

Zayn’s hand presses firmly into the apex of your thighs, his fingers spreading you for him. “Here? Do you want me here?” 

Breathing out a gasp, you nod your head, and he watches as your chest rises and falls. “Yeah, yeah, I want you to — I want you to kiss me everywhere, Zayn. Please kiss me.” 

And before you can say another word, before you can even utter his name, Zayn rubs a hand against you and his lips enclose over yours and he feels you sigh into his mouth. 


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"I am homesick for a place I am not sure even exists. One where my heart is full. My body loved. And my soul understood."

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everything you love is here